We are recruiting investors! Find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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Well Grounded, LLC
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between KenapocoMocha and Well Grounded, LLC?

Well Grounded LLC is the parent company that runs KenapocoMocha, the actual name of the coffee shop. There is an advisory board that meets to discuss the ongoing issues of the coffee shop and will bring recommendations to the whole membership. Well Grounded, LLC is a registered name with the state of Indiana.

How do I invest in KenapocoMocha?

Simply obtain an investment form by contacting Jim or Debbie Chinworth (982-4881 or and they will send you the necessary materials. Units of membership are in $100 increments and there is no limit to the investment level. Checks are made out to the parent company, Well Grounded, LLC.

Am I being asked for a contribution, or an investment?

You are being asked to consider investing in Well Grounded, LLC to support the opening of KenapocoMocha. We are not a non profit with a 501c3. This investment falls somewhere between a 'charitable contribution' and a solid financial investment. Like any business, there is no guarantee of making money or holding the original value of your initial investment. We believe the wider the membership, the higher the likelihood of success. If the time comes to either sell or liquidate the business, the membership will get some sort of a return/unit on that sale.

What do my units of membership provide?

Every unit gets us closer to covering the expenses of the business. These include all equipment for the kitchen and serving bar, inventory, and three months working capital (see summary of financial goal and expenditures). Once we have enough units we can purchase all equipment needs and then install all electric and plumbing needs. Every unit gets us closer to opening.

What if I would like to get my investment back?

You would contact a member of the advisory board who would bring the request that would then be acted upon at the next meeting. Then 60 days from that meeting, with proper action by the board, you would receive a check from Well Grounded, LLC for the value of your units. We would be glad for persons to search out other investors to acquire their units but we know circumstances don't often allow for the best case scenario.

What will be expected of me as part owner in Well Grounded, LLC?

Come to the shop. Bring your friends and family. Get others interested. Promote the place by coming and engaging in lively discussion. Attend the annual meeting to discuss ideas, direction, and to set the unit value. There are no expectations that you would work any shifts. Some persons have expressed interest in that and the managers would be delighted to have persons offer a few hours to assist in the day to day operations of the coffee shop or occasionally bake a pastry using their favorite recipe.

What happens if the business is a success? What if it fails?

If it is a success, then your unit value may increase, and you can be glad to have been part of a community venture that worked. If it is a success it is one more place for visitors to put their money when they come to North Manchester to visit a student at the college, conduct business, shop at other downtown businesses, or meet up with a local resident. If it fails, at least we tried and you may, or may not, get a portion of your investment back. That depends on the ability to sell or liquidate the business.

If I invest, am I investing in the property, or just the business?

Just the business. Jim and Debbie Chinworth will maintain ownership of the property. None of your investment dollars will go to brick and mortar of the structure; just the financial, equipment and inventory needs of the business.



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