Now you can take home a wonderful healthy meal any night of the week! 

We've made some changes to our Take & Bake meal program.  The simple solution to feeding your family can now be found in our handy self-serve take-out freezer right inside the front door at KenapocoMocha.  Stop in for a nourishing meal full of wholesome, natural, & often local ingredients!

You’ll find a variety of made-from-scratch items such as our famous soups, appetizers, baked pastas, black bean burgers & our homemade pizzas.   Stock your freezer full of ready-to-bake meals, and you won't have to be a prisoner of the drive-thru at the end of a long day.  Meals come in a variety of sizes from 2 servings to family-size meals that serve 8 or more.  All meals are clearly labeled w/  serving sizes & simple baking or reheating instructions.  

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