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    North Manchester's Only Community Owned Coffee Shop

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We have two bean suppliers here at K-Mo, because one is just never enough! We are partnered with Indie Coffee Roasters hailing from the great city of Carmel, IN and Utopian Coffee Co. out of Fort Wayne, IN. They both roast in small batches, only roasting for the orders they need to fill that day, ensuring that we get the freshest, aeromatic beans available. We pass that full flavor right along to you in a cup of coffee that is hard to surpass.

Indie Coffee Roasters is our espresso supplier so all coffee bar drinks will be made with their beans. Since ICR doesn't supply dark roast drip coffee we run their light or medium roasts in rotation and we offer Utopian's dark roast for our dark roast lovers. 


The beans are all sourced directly from the farmers themselves. Utopian insists on giving back to the farmers who supply their beans, making them a fair trade company as well. Both companies are directly involved with helping to ensure that the coffee we drink is truly, holistically sustainable. That's a business practice we can get behind!

The Perfect Coffee
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