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What's in a name? do you say it? What does it mean?  You spell it how?!


First things first. It's pronounced "Keen-uh-poco-Mocha".
Before we were ready to open the shop in 2008, we had a contest to pick a name for the coffee shop.  The winner was "KenapocoMocha", submitted by Julie Garber, a North Manchester resident.  Julie combined "Kenapocomoco", which is the Native American name for the Eel River (the river which flows through North Manchester), with the word "Mocha" to create our winner...."KenapocoMocha".  Julie's play-on-words has kept everyone guessing about how to pronounce and spell our name!


Get to know K-Mo

Why we do what we do.

Being environmentally friendly is high on K-Mo's priority list. We are conscious about our carbon footprint and feel it is our responsibility to make as small of an impact as possible.


Our business doesn't have a dumpster and we are proud of it! We recycle everything we can, including not wasting food products. For example, we make our own chicken & vegetable stocks with meat and vegetable scraps. After we're done making that, we put those scraps in our compost. That compost then goes to one of our farms to enrich their soil and feed their livestock. You couldn't finish that Cobb Salad you ordered and can't take it home? No problem! Any food left on your plate will go straight into our compost and returned to the earth.


Speaking of taking food home, did you know that everything we use for takeout is environmentally friendly as well? Our boxes, bowls, cups, cup sleeves, silverware and even our straws are one of, or a combination of, the following: compostable, made with post-consumer waste, made of 100% recycled content, made of 100% renewable resources and made at a business that also is low impact.

From hand-washing all our dishes to using green products to clean our bathrooms, we strive to be conscious of every move we make. That's also one of the reasons why supporting our local farmers is so important to us. You can be confident when you visit us that you're not only getting the best food around, you're also doing your part to have a low impact on the world around you. 

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